About Daniel

Daniel has had a varied career, as a failed student and without qualification he left school at sixteen to begin training as a Motor Mechanic. But with a growing obsession for the clubbing scene, he abandoned the position and headed to Ibiza as a small club DJ.

On his return, Daniel enrolled back into education to study Business IT. He quickly mastered the subject and earned a teaching qualification to redeliver. As his confidence grew, Daniel began to introduce Microsoft Technologies and worked alongside faculty members to embed professional certification into higher education programs.

In 2006, Daniel left education to pursue a passion in sports photography. He quickly built his reputation among international promoters, securing contracts with large franchises.

To support his business, Daniel delivered Microsoft curriculum, then in 2013, after seven years as a photographer, Daniel began delivering Cloud based courses for QA Learning.

Today, Daniel works as a Skills Evangelist for Microsoft. He is committed to the assessment and development of Partners through readiness assessment and community evangelism. He has written various courses and enjoyed particular success with his “Cloud and Proud” and “Build a Company in a day” training series.

Away from work, Daniel enjoys a quiet life in a little seaside town with his wrestle mad son.