Build a Company in a Day

Join me for my day long demo where we start with a blank Azure subscription and then build out our company in the cloud.

The Azure Portal
Networking in Azure
Azure Virtual Machines
Containers and Kubernetes Orchestration
Directory Services and Azure AD
DevTest Labs
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Automating Social Media with Logic Apps and Power BI
Bots and Cognitive Service APIs
Securing the Azure Cloud

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Citrix on Azure #BetterTogether

Join me in this video presentation as I discuss the Microsoft-Citrix partnership and demonstrate how easy it is to deploy virtual desktops and applications to your end users through the Citrix Cloud service and Microsoft Azure.

The Evolution of Microsoft Learning

The skills required to advance your career and earn your spot at the top do not come easily. Now there’s a more rewarding approach to hands-on learning that helps you achieve your goals faster.

Join me in this session as I discuss the evolution of Microsoft Learning and the resources available to aid your certification goals.

    Microsoft Learn – A new approach to learning

AZ-100 – Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment Courses
    Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
    Implementing and Managing Storage
    Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines
    Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
    Managing Identities

AZ-101 – Microsoft Azure Integration and Security Courses
    Migrate Servers to Azure
    Implementing and Managing Application Services
    Implement Advanced Virtual Networking
    Securing Identities

AZ-200 – Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions Courses
    Selecting Development Solution
    Developing for Azure Storage
    Azure PaaS Solutions
    Implement Security for Azure Solutions

AZ-201 – Microsoft Azure Developer Advanced Solutions Courses
    Develop for an Azure cloud model
    Implement Integration Solutions
    Develop Cognitive Service Solutions

AZ-300 – Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Courses
    Deploy and Configure Infrastructure
    Implementing Workloads and Security
    Architect Technology Solutions
    Create and Deploy Apps
    Implementing Authentication and Security
    Developing for the Cloud

AZ-301 – Microsoft Azure Architect Design Courses
    Designing for Identity and Security
    Designing a Data Platform Solution
    Designing for Deployment, Migration, and Integration
    Designing an Infrastructure Strategy

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Join me in this presentation as I introduce the concept of cloud computing and how businesses are harnessing the power of Azure to digitally transform.

Introduction to Holographic Computing and Mixed Reality

Join me in this webinar as I discuss holographic computing and the Microsoft HoloLens.

The Cloud and Me

Everyone has heard of the power of the cloud and what it means for business, but what can the cloud do for you! Join me in this presentation as I demonstrate the unique ways that I use the cloud to automate my day and regulate my health.

MCT Global Summit

Join me in this demo rich session as we ditch the PowerPoint slides and jump straight into shared Azure Dashboards.

We will look at building resources using the Azure CLI, ARM Templates and Containers before looking at Social Media Automation through Logic Apps, Cognitive Services and Serverless Computing….

This presentation is designed to share best practice and help you all become demo Rockstars! 🙂

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