My Presentations

Build a Company in a Day

Join me for my day long demo where we start with a blank Azure subscription and then build out our company in the cloud Download the files


The Cloud and Me

Everyone has heard of the power of the cloud and what it means for business, but what can the cloud do for you! Join me in this presentation as I demonstrate the unique ways that I use the cloud to automate my day and regulate my health.

Azure – A Hybrid Story

In a time of digital transformation and technological agility, IT professionals are under immense pressure to consistently deliver on expectation. Join me in this presentation as we discuss how strategic business decisions can capitalise on the hybrid services offered by Microsoft

The Power of PaaS

Join me in a fun interactive presentation whereby we unlock the power of Platform as a Service and what can be done with a little imagination

Digital Transformation for the Delivery Frontline

Join me in this presentation as we look to nurture collaboration and help build stronger relationships with visible, integrated and accessible tools that keep everyone in the know

Understanding App Services and Analytical Data sets

Join me in this presentation as we look at the catalog of services available from withing App Services and some practical use cases for integration. Download the files

Building a Virtual Data Center in Azure

Join me and Microsoft CSA Adam Raffe in an hour-long podcast as we discuss and build a Virtual Data center in the cloud.

Shakespeare – Much ado about data!

Join me and Microsoft CSA Phil Harvey as we unravel the works of Shakespeare through Azure AI and Sentiment Analysis.