Establish Credibility

Establish Credibility

Remain grounded in pursuing the best interests of others, not just yours.

This should come as no surprise but if your customer, audience, or staff believe you are working towards your own personal agenda, you’re not going to get very far. All throughout this blog I have spoken about how humans naturally pick up on emotion and trust me, it’s very easy to see through the Bulls**t when your intentions are not authentic.

Credibility is built from trust and trust is cultivated through competence, consistency, sincerity, and respect. Bottom line, without trust, you won’t win the business, you won’t engage an audience and your pitch will be heavily scrutinised.

You need to ensure that what you say comes from the heart, this will give you the confidence to be accountable for your message and ensure that you come across as genuine. And the big companies know this, they all grounded in customer centric leadership principles and routinely train staff to be mindful of pushing for outcomes that best serve the customer.

Ultimately, to gain credibility you need to build rapport, It encourages people to actively listen to what you have to say and in turn be more open to persuasion. This stems from emotional intelligence and studies have consistently found that the top 90% of performers all exercise this one critical attribute.

Think about how you build rapport in meetings, can you identify any signs that may hinder your ability to establish credibility?