How to build your story

How to build your story

Have you ever been to a large conference and been bored senseless? You look around and see arms crossed, heads tilted back and mouths open. It’s 10AM and people are falling asleep!

We have all been this guy!

Some may be genuinely tired, but realistically, the speaker has lost the audience, and now gets to stand on stage watching them sleep, fidget, use their devices, or simply leave the room.

The truth is, you’ve got about fifteen seconds, forty five at best to grab your audiences attention, establish command, and build credibility. If you don’t do that, they are going to switch off, I guarantee it!

You need to let your audience know that for the next 30-60 minutes they are going to be educated, engaged, and inspired. Don’t waste those precious seconds with pleasantries, be passionate, own that stage and hit them with something that makes them want to invest their time.

Stories follow a simple framework, they start, something happens and they end. It’s therefore your job as the presenter to take your audience on that journey and make them feel the things you feel. When you laugh, they should laugh, when you’re serious they should embrace the message. Remember you’re driving both the message and the emotion of the crowd.

– Think about a presentation, school lecture or event you’ve attended.
– Why do you remember it, what made you invest your time or switch off?
– What would you have done differently?