Resonate with Reason

Resonate with Reason

“Why should I listen to you!”

Now, if you’re a decent person you’d probably never mutter those words, but if you have ever crossed your arms in a meeting or sighed as you sat down, your body language has betrayed you.

If you’re pitching an idea, then your job is to get people on board and help them understand why they should pursue your course of action. This requires you to be both unique and authentic in your approach.

Personally, what has always worked for me is wrapping my ideas into a story, in fact I list these techniques in “the art of storytelling” also on my site. You don’t have to tell the world your business, but humans will feed off ambient emotion, therefore if you’re truly excited about a product or a story, then your audience will gravitate towards that emotion too.

Taken from the social media feed of a large conference of around 800 attendees.

The tweet above came from an attendee from a large conference, I was the third speaker, the energy of the room was low, and my pitch was just before lunch, everything was against me. How did I turn it around, through story!

Stories are incredibly motivating and if you speak from the heart your audience will naturally be drawn to both you and your message. Don’t bore people with the details, that comes later, instead, intrigue them, inspire them, give them something that they can relate to because that will then resonate.

Now, you may not be standing in front of an audience, it may be a small intimate meeting, but the rules don’t change.

What I will say though, is if you’re building a new business relationship, you’ll stand a better chance of influencing them if your messaging is to the point and consistent. Sure, wrap it around a story, but remember your objective is to influence the recipient without leaving room for misinterpretation.

Think about a recent pitch, was it unique and authentic? Did you speak from the heart and believe in your messaging or were you following the script from a sales play?

What would you do differently next time?