The Art of Storytelling

We are all storytellers, it’s just something that we naturally do. Whether fact or fiction, storytelling is an intrinsic human characteristic that dates all the way back to the dawn of civilisation.

Think about it, we used cave drawings, then the spoken word, then print, and now digital tools such as Instagram to create narratives that resonate with others on an emotional level.

To be a great storyteller, you need to connect with your audience, if it makes you feel a certain way then your goal is to make them feel the same.

– Think of a memory, one that comes easy to you.
– Why do you remember it, how does it make you feel?
– Try to express that memory to someone else, how does it make them feel?

The best stories are personable, there honest, relatable and show vulnerability. To be great at storytelling the audience need to buy into the concept of you, you’re the face of the product, the service or the company, win them over with your charisma.