The Magic Formula

The magic formula!

A few years back I wrote a presentation entitled the cloud and me, it was designed to be used a few times at partner conferences but ultimately ended up taking me all over the world. The idea was to tell people about the power of cloud computing through stories that would resonate with the audience.

You see, and I say this is the nicest possible way, it takes a special kind of person to get excited about computer virtualisation, process automation, bias in artificial intelligence and deep fakes. But if you can deliver the message, drip feeding the technology into your narrative, then you will end up inspiring the audience and that will make them want to invest time to find out more.

The anatomy of my presentation broke down as follows:

The Magic Mirror
In this section I wanted to talk about Docker and Azure Container Instances. I did this by weaving it into a story about how I helped my autistic son prepare for his first day of school.

Social Media Automation
In this section I highlighted the power of Remote Process Automation and how I could use simple flows to automate my Social Media activity and better understand my customers.

Bias in data
In this section I discussed bias in data, addressing societal issues, diversity and inclusion, highlighting what we must do to ensure the solutions we create are both fair and just.

Elastic Compute
In this section I spoke about the elasticity of cloud computing wrapped it up into a story about building my son his own Minecraft server. Not once did I mention the tech, the pitch was all about screen time and arguments.

Responsible A.I.
In this section I spoke about the rise of deep fakes and conversational A.I. wrapping it around the woes of online dating and the joys of being a singleton in my late forties.

Internet of Things
In this section I discussed the Internet of Things, and how I was using it to monitor and manage diabetes with full integration into my smart home.

Now it’s important to understand why this worked, you see I didn’t talk about the technology, that was secondary to the narrative. I spoke about issues I faced as a parent, as someone with a life changing condition, as someone who was lonely, and as someone who wanted to understand his customers.

These were things the audience could identify, relate to, sympathise with. That was the magic formula!

Watch the video below, listen to the story then make note of how it made you feel, do you feel different about gaming after watching it?